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Man on The Moon

Man on the Moon Meets Moses Sumney’s Man on the Moon (Oct. 13, 2015)


The ethereal sounds of Moses Sumney’s “Man on the Moon” meet the eponymous biopic on the life and demise of comedic-genius Andy Kaufman. Moses guides the listener through the New York comic underworld of the 1970’s, Andy’s successes, and his final performance…

Enjoy this contemplative and melancholy jaunt through the life of the late Kaufman in this imagined soundtrack music video.

Production Notes:

A true labor of love. I’d become absolutely obsessed with his song and was inspired to create a forgery of sorts for the film. Though I don’t feel the movie quite captured the strangeness, humor and complex private life of Kaufman, the selected scenes combined with self-sampled projections, textures, and rotoscoped elements from the film created something deeply personal for me.

This was one of the last projects I created in Final Cut 7.