Nature Records Itself

Overhead map of Coast Lagoon piece
Overhead map of Coast/Lagoon piece, located at Cape Canaveral National Seashore
Video Piece Locations
Video Piece Locations
Projection 2 Installation
Projection 2 Installation
Nature Records Itself: Piece 1
Nature Records Itself: Projection Piece 1 Detail


In this series I explore ways to create more immersive and meditative representations of the projected nature image. Custom recording rigs and machines were crafted to interact with the Canaveral National Seashore settings. Footage was then taken to a gallery setting and rear projected on to 38? x 67? handcrafted rear-projection canvases.

Production Notes:

A dazzling and dizzying interpretation I created in 1999 of the HBO Promo format for the 1998 HBO Television special John Leguizamo’s “Freak”. I imagined having the task of being an AVID editor from yesteryear interpreting Leguizamo’s manic energy as visual language.