Dublab: Artist Residency


Dublab_video_rosalle_cube_tree_pattern1 (Mar. 21, 2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_deepblue_hall1 (Mar. 22,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_deepdimension_rainbow1 (Mar. 07,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_coast_walldepth1 (Mar. 18,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_echo__rainbow_letters1 (Mar. 14,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_geoloop_purpleshapes1 (Mar. 10,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_horizontal_pinktext_stretch (Mar. 12,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_geolooppattern_rainbow2 (Mar. ?,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_red_projection1 (Mar. 20,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_rainbow_water_room1 (Mar. 31,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_purple_circle_projection2 (Mar. 27,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_scrolling_logo_rainbow_repeat1 (Mar. 19,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_space_color_letters1 (Mar. 16,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_triangle_tree_geometry1 (Mar. 09,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_trance_starfield (Mar. 24,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_horizontal_rainbow_text (Mar. ?,2017)

Dublab_video_rosalle_skeleton_skank_projection1 (Mar. 29,2017)


Originally a stage play, this filmed adaptation shows John elucidating his coming up as a youth in Queens, New York. Comic influences ranging from the physicality of the rubber-boned, Robin Williams to the acerbic wit of the late great Richard Pryor are evident in this high energy 60 minute special.

Production Notes:

A dazzling and dizzying interpretation I created in 1999 of the HBO Promo format for the 1998 HBO Television special John Leguizamo’s “Freak”. I imagined having the task of being an AVID editor from yesteryear interpreting Leguizamo’s manic energy as visual language.