The People’s Joker by Vera Drew

Color Snippet Animation #1 for The People’s Joker Color Snippet Animation #2 for The People’s Joker Earl Black and White Demo Snippet for sequence in The People’s Joker Behind the Scenes Magic for The People’s Joker About: The People’s Joker is a queer coming of age Joker origin story, written, directed by and starring the multitalented Vera Drew. This independent film features the work of some 200 independent artists across the globe. I was delighted to get to contribute some original video art animation for a psychedelic sequence in the film. Stay tuned at for news on the upcoming

Dublab: Artist Residency

Dublab_video_rosalle_belonging_pink_projection1 (Mar. 28, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_blue_triangledepth (Mar. 00, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_cana_longshot_projection1 (March, 00 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_cube_tree_pattern1 (Mar. 21, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_deepblue_hall1 (Mar. 22,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_deepdimension_rainbow1 (Mar. 07,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_coast_walldepth1 (Mar. 18,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_echo__rainbow_letters1 (Mar. 14,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_geoloop_purpleshapes1 (Mar. 10,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_skeleton_skank_projection1 (Mar. 13, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_geolooppattern_rainbow2 (Mar. 00, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_red_projection1 (Mar. 20,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_rainbow_water_room1 (Mar. 31,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_purple_circle_projection2 (Mar. 27, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_space_color_letters1 (Mar. 16,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_triangle_tree_geometry1 (Mar. 09,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_trance_starfield (Mar. 24,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_skeleton_skank_projection1 (Mar. 29,2017) About: dublab is a non-profit radio station founded in Los Angeles in 1999. Fostering a deep sense of community and care in their sonic explorations, dublab has been an integral part of my life for quite some time. In

Nature Records Itself

About: This series was the culmination of years of research and collaboration with the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. The goal was to experiment and demonstrate 3 representations of a more immersive and meditative nature image, with minimal editing or use of more adventure-oriented nature documentary formats. Using custom recording rigs designed by myself and Phil Peters, I set out to record locales around the park that I’d come to know intimately over the years. The end pieces were 3 larger scale rear-projection works intended to place the viewer amongst the seashores and lagoons. Production Notes: To this day I’ll always

Procession On The Horizon

About: This piece is an ode to the ever-inspiring, New Age music legend Iasos and the secluded shores of Cape Canaveral National Seashore. Intended as a projected piece, it combines one of my favorite Iasos songs with the creeping and rhythmic pulses of undulating shorelines. Each unique view lulling the viewer deeper and deeper into new perspectives. Production Notes: Communicating the depth and shimmering tones and colors of the sea was an exciting invitation to rove amongst my inner eye. Feelings of serenity, scale and entropy guided the moods I was trying to visually communicate. While this online video representation


Daedelus – Belonging feat. Amir Yaghmai (03:35) About: An exploration of live projection, animation, and physical manipulation of setting in outdoor spaces. The video is set to the incomparable Alfred Darlington’s 2014 release, “Belonging” featuring vocals by Amir Yaghmai. This video has roots in the magic lantern and phantasmagoria theater of the late 1700s – employing the mysterious and ghostly visual themes of the format. The video and projection components were shot on location at Orlando’s Azalea Park. Production Notes: This song haunted my inner ear and mind for days and nights. The textures, colors and visual rhythms to accompany