About: Originally a stage play, this filmed adaptation shows John elucidating his coming up as a youth in Queens, New York. Comic influences ranging from the physicality of the rubber-boned, Robin Williams to the acerbic wit of the late great Richard Pryor are evident in this high energy 60 minute special. Production Notes: A dazzling and dizzying interpretation I created in 1999 of the HBO Promo format for the 1998 HBO Television special John Leguizamo’s “Freak”. I imagined having the task of being an AVID editor from yesteryear interpreting Leguizamo’s manic energy as visual language.


About: An exploration of live projection, animation, and physical manipulation of setting in outdoor spaces. The video is set to the incomparable Alfred Darlington’s “Belonging”, taken from his 2014 “The Light Brigade” LP. Production Notes: This video has roots in the magic lantern and phantasmagoria theater of the late 1700s. Shot on location at Orlando’s Azalea Park.

Man on the Moon

About: A music video for the 1999 Andy Kaufman biopic film, “Man on the Moon”, featuring the ethereal 2014 tune “Man on the Moon” performed by Moses Sumney. Production Notes: The ethereal sounds of Moses Sumney’s “Man on the Moon” meet the eponymous biopic on the life and demise of comedic-genius Andy Kaufman. Moses guides the listener through the New York comic underworld of the 1970’s, Andy’s successes, and his final performance… Enjoy this contemplative and melancholy jaunt through the life of the late Andy Kaufman.

Procession On The Horizon

About: Handcrafted shots, direction, edit, & animation by me. Music by: Iasos – “Celestial Soul Portrait” from the album Wave #2: Elixir (1983) Production Notes: Coasts recorded on location at the majestic Canaveral National Seashore.