Nature Records Itself

About: This series was the culmination of years of research and collaboration with the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. The goal was to experiment and demonstrate 3 representations of a more immersive and meditative nature image, with minimal editing or use of more adventure-oriented nature documentary formats. Using custom recording rigs designed by myself and Phil Peters, I set out to record locales around the park that I’d come to know intimately over the years. The end pieces were 3 larger scale rear-projection works intended to place the viewer amongst the seashores and lagoons. Production Notes: To this day I’ll always

Canaveral NPS Viewing Rigs

About: The above devices were all created through a grant project between the University of Central Florida and the Canaveral National Seashore. Through the guidance of my University School of Visual Arts and Design Co-committee chair, Phil Peters, we were tasked with designing and fabricating custom rigs that could increase visual access to sea and coast life for website viewers. Each machine came with different challenges, research requirements and outcomes. Production Notes: Though I had prior experience in drafting and building for various home projects like a custom frame or home repair, the tutelage of Phil and time with