Dublab: Artist Residency

Dublab_video_rosalle_belonging_pink_projection1 (Mar. 28, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_blue_triangledepth (Mar. 00, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_cana_longshot_projection1 (March, 00 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_cube_tree_pattern1 (Mar. 21, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_deepblue_hall1 (Mar. 22,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_deepdimension_rainbow1 (Mar. 07,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_coast_walldepth1 (Mar. 18,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_echo__rainbow_letters1 (Mar. 14,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_geoloop_purpleshapes1 (Mar. 10,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_skeleton_skank_projection1 (Mar. 13, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_geolooppattern_rainbow2 (Mar. 00, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_red_projection1 (Mar. 20,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_rainbow_water_room1 (Mar. 31,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_purple_circle_projection2 (Mar. 27, 2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_space_color_letters1 (Mar. 16,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_triangle_tree_geometry1 (Mar. 09,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_trance_starfield (Mar. 24,2017) Dublab_video_rosalle_skeleton_skank_projection1 (Mar. 29,2017) About: dublab is a non-profit radio station founded in Los Angeles in 1999. Fostering a deep sense of community and care in their sonic explorations, dublab has been an integral part of my life for quite some time. In

Procession On The Horizon

About: This piece is an ode to the ever-inspiring, New Age music legend Iasos and the secluded shores of Cape Canaveral National Seashore. Intended as a projected piece, it combines one of my favorite Iasos songs with the creeping and rhythmic pulses of undulating shorelines. Each unique view lulling the viewer deeper and deeper into new perspectives. Production Notes: Communicating the depth and shimmering tones and colors of the sea was an exciting invitation to rove amongst my inner eye. Feelings of serenity, scale and entropy guided the moods I was trying to visually communicate. While this online video representation